Caterpillar Shape Sorter

26 Sep

Today, while Zachary and Adam napped, Jadon and I played with the Caterpillar Shape Sorter.

The puzzle has 13 pieces and one base; the pieces are different colors and shapes.

Jadon, who turned 2 last month, picked up on it right away, picking two of the matching colors and tried to piece them together before putting them in the base. I showed him how he could do one at a time and he filled the puzzle piece by piece and  picked the correct geometric shape for each one. There are four sets of puzzle frames and each frame outlines a different shape: a square, circle, cross and triangle. They’re all different colors and each has a picture on it.

After he completed the puzzle, he added the Jadon action that he adds to most of the games – he threw the pieces across the room piece by piece. And then, set by set, he retrieved them. For instance, he found the two blue pieces with red dots then put them in one at a time. Then he’d say, “Where’s the circle?” and then run around the room to find it and place it in the middle. Then he’d find the next set. He was also able to name the four designs on the shape: apple, butterfly, flower and sun. He did the throw and retrieve about four times before he was finished and then, when it was time to clean up, he put all the pieces in and then the base then saw it wouldn’t fit so he dumped them all out and tried again. After a couple of tries, he attempted to close the box without the base. I told him that the base goes in the box, too, but he refused it and went to put the box on the shelf.

Besides pointing out the different colors and shapes, we also counted to five, as there are five parts of the caterpillar when it’s all together.

Skills for Caterpillar Shape Sorter (2 years to preschool):

  •  Promotes counting, sorting, recognizing shapes and matching parts-to-whole
  • Identify colors, patterns and pictures of object found in nature
  • Mix and match basic geometric shapes
  • Fit puzzle pieces into spaces
  • Develop hand-eye coordination, early math skills and an understanding of spatial relationships 

Cost: $15

To find out more or to order, visit my website.


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